Super Easy Pantry Friendly Chicken Nuggets

Updated: Aug 16, 2021


12.5 canned chicken, drained

1 egg

1 oz shredded cheddar

Salt to taste

(1/2t each of garlic powder, cayenne, smoked paprika)

1 oz pork rinds

1 oz parmesan

¼ c sour cream

½ t dill

½ t chives

½ t garlic powder


  1. mix chicken, egg, cheddar, salt and seasonings (if tolerated well)

  2. form into nuggs - pack fairly tightly

  3. mix crushed pork rinds and parmesan,

  4. completely coat each nugget in pork rind mix (I dunked mine twice)

  5. pre-heat air-fryer at 375F for 3mins

  6. air-fry for 10 minutes at 375F, flipping halfway through

For the “ranch:"

  1. Mix sour cream with seasonings, adding water by ½ t til desired consistency is achieved

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