March 2022 Monthly Favorites

A lot of cool things happened in March! I finished my Certified Nutrition Coaching course, we had a Meat Fam party, and I started a new phase in my autoimmune journey.

Here are some of my favorite things from this past month!

Learned Helplessness by You Are Not So Smart

Learned helplessness is when a person feels a sense of powerlessness after repeated attempts and failures. This podcast shares some insight into learned helplessness, its role in our behaviors, and strategies to overcome it. This might seem like an off-the-wall topic but feels relevant to the carnivore community as many people feel something is wrong with them when they experience failure versus something being wrong with the strategy or advice they are given.

Buttercream Beauty Co

Tallow balm is hands down my number one must-have skincare product. I have a live on my Instagram where @daisyscarnivorejourney taught me how to make tallow balm. But oh my goodness, nothing compares to the amazing scents and luxurious feel of the @buttercreambeautyco tallow balms. My favorite is the Brightening Cream, it smells exactly like orange cookies my grandma would make when I was little. I reached out to Lori to let her know I would be mentioning the Buttercream Beauty Co Etsy shop in this newsletter and she sent me a discount code you guys can use for 15% off through April. The code is LADYCARNIVORY15 - thank you, Lori!!

The Autoimmune Fix by Tom O'Bryan

This book helped connect a lot of dots for me in my own experience with autoimmune disease. Learning more about the mechanisms that trigger inflammation and flares will hopefully help me better support my recovery.

My Guilty Pleasure

This week I went down a classic Hollywood rabbit hole. It all started with a "the end of the movie star" Youtube video about why stars don't have star power anymore. Spoiler alert: they are entertainers, not philosophers so when they start sharing political opinions, they lose their power as an entertainer. Anyways, this led me to research the classic Hollywood star machine. I have really been enjoying the You Must Remember This podcast shares stories from the old Hollywood eras.

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