Healthy, Tasty & Easy Chicken Nuggets Carnivore Zero-Carb

Updated: Jul 4, 2021


1 egg

250 g / 1/2lb ground chicken

1 egg (for egg wash)

1/2 unflavored hydrolyzed whey protein isolate

salt to taste

cooking fat (butter, ghee, or duck fat)


  1. mix egg and chicken using a hand mixer

  2. shape into nuggets

  3. refrigerate for at least an hour

  4. in one bowl, crack and beat an egg til foamy

  5. in another bowl, add whey protein and a good pinch of salt

  6. heat a pan over medium heat with enough butter, ghee, or duck fat to cover the bottom of the pan

  7. as an assembly, dunk the nuggets into the egg wash, coating the nugget completely and letting any excess egg drain before tossing into the whey protein

  8. using your other, or "dry" hand, make sure the nugget is completely coated in the whey, knocking off any excess powder

  9. add the nugget to the hot fat, flipping once golden brown

  10. drain the nuggets on paper towels and salt to taste immediately upon removing from the fat

  11. serve with halloumi fries

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