Healthy and Easy Carnivore Sushi Rolls

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Steak Sushi





canadian bacon


  1. dice canadian bacon and fry until crispy

  2. mash together butter and stilton, salt to taste

  3. flatten steak with a meat tenderizer and sear on both sides quickly, salt to taste

  4. form a log of the stilton compound using your hands and wrap the steak around it

  5. cut 1-inch sections from the steak and stilton roll to form your sushi

  6. top with crispy canadian bacon

Salmon Sushi Ingredients

smoked salmon

cream cheese



  1. lay smoked salmon onto pastic wrap

  2. form a log with the cream cheese using your hands

  3. laying the log in the center of the salmon, wrap the salmon around the cream cheese tightly

  4. cut 1-inch sections from the salmon and cream cheese roll to form your sushi

  5. top with salmon roe

Egg Sushi




egg whites


  1. make Lady Carnivory's Slutty Eggs

  2. make Lady Carnivory's Hollandaise

  3. in a heated frying pan, pour egg whites while circling the pan to spread them in a thin, even layer

  4. after a minute, flip the egg white and salt to taste and remove from heat

  5. fill the egg white wraps with the slutty egg mixture and roll into a log

  6. cut 1-inch sections from the egg roll to form your sushi

  7. top with hollandaise

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