February 2022 Monthly Favorites

February was such an amazing month for me! I celebrated my birthday, started a new job, and got to go to a Meat Up in south Florida!

Here are some of my favorite things from this past month!

Ketogenic Bodybuilding: A Natural Athlete's Guide to Competitive Savagery by Robert Sikes

Robert Sikes @ketosavage is a natural pro ketogenic bodybuilder. He is the CEO of @ketobrick & @livesavageapparel. In his debut book, Robert gives all the dirty little details of the exact nutritional protocol he uses to get himself and his clients to the stage. This book empowers the reader with the process and formulas they need to build a nutritional protocol to meet their goals. If you are interested in bodybuilding, you need to pick up this book!

Nutrition with Judy's Interviews with Dr. Richard Johnson

In a two-part series, @nutritionwithjudy interviewed Dr. Richard Johnson about his new book, Drop Acid. Dr. Johnson revealed important information regarding the role of fructose in uric acid production.


For a couple of weeks in February, I gave up dairy to see if it was impacting my inflammation levels. I included butter in my dairy abstinence and had some horrific bile malabsorption issues. I researched the clinical standard treatments for GI issues related to my autoimmune condition and found that Butyrate is typically used to treat patients with spondylarthritis-related gut issues. After one day of adding butter, which happens to be the biggest dietary source of butyrate, my GI issues immediately resolved.

Check out this article by Nutrition with Judy to learn some of the health benefits of Butyrate.

My Guilty Pleasure

Lately, I have been finding it really difficult to relax. It is like my mind cannot shut off the ever-growing to-do list in my head. Then I stress out about being stressed out - it is a whole thing. To stop the endless, I like to watch "Plan with Me" videos on Youtube. It is literally a whole genre of people just organizing their lives with pretty stickers and hand-lettering and I cannot get enough. My current favorite is @thecoffeemonsterzco, her voice is so soft and relaxing, she instantly chills me out.

Check out her Youtube channel if you want chill organization crafty vibes too.

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