Carnivore Shepherd's Pie Zero-Carb, Healthy Great British Staple from @CriticalCarnivore

Updated: Jan 22


500g / 1lb gound lamb

3 eggs

150g / 5 oz cheddar

150mL / 5 fl oz heavy whipping cream

1/4 c Worcestershire sauce


  1. cook lamb mince at medium heat in a small saucepan, add Worcestershire sauce (lots) when juices run clear

  2. leave to simmer on low for an hour

  3. while the mince is simmering, preheat the oven to 180 C / 350 F (fan)

  4. add eggs, cheddar, and cream into bowl

  5. immersion blend until smooth

  6. add mince to BUTTERED 8x6x2.5” dish

  7. pour topping over mince

  8. bake for 30-40 mins at 180 C / 350 F (fan) until the topping has set

  9. allow to cool before serving

**if not using fan, 200 C / 400 F

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