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Hey, Meat Fam! Check out some of my favorite meaty accounts, resources, and peeps below...


  • Maria Emmerich is a keto nutritionist, speaker, chef and best-selling author. She literally wrote the Carnivore Cookbook, filled with meaty recipe basics to start your carnivore journey.

  • Carnivorous Chef shares carnivore recipes on his Youtube channel and his weight loss journey through his Instagram page.

  • Lady Carnivory is a shameless self-plug for the recipes on my blog. If you are looking for creative carnivore creations, and easy, accessible, and enjoyable recipes to support your carnivore journey, I’m your girl!


  • Neisha Sales Berry from NeishaLovesIt is a video creator, podcast host, style enthusiast and wellness coach. She is successfully treating her hashimoto’s through an animal-based nutrition approach and inspires women to advocate for their own health.

  • Sarah Gongoleski is the former Ms. Rhode Island, an animal-based lifestyle blogger and incredible artist. Her approach to mindset, wellness, and wholesome living inspires others to live as the best versions of themselves.

  • Carnivore Doctor, Dr. Lisa Wiedeman, is a 12-year carnivore and coach that regularly hosts group calls and walking challenges to create a community of support. She also shares accessible and delicious carnivore recipes between Vitamin D sessions at the beach!

  • Heather Ann Nowak is collaborating with beef and dumbbells to execute mission: mom-bod recomp (and she is looking damn fine!) She is an absolute queen and her feed is incredibly aesthetic and inspirational.

  • Simply Hannah Scott is a lifestyle blogger and fitness enthusiast, raising her kids with faith, fitness and fun and posting incredible food pics along the way!

  • Laura Spath is a carnivore lifestyle Youtuber that has successfully recomped her body and mindset through a carnivore diet. Along with her new york strip loving husband, she is raising her kids with an animal-based approach to nutrition.

  • The Carnitarian aka Linda Salant is a 5+ year competitive ballroom dancing carnivore that shares easy and practical tips to living an accessible animal-based lifestyle. She was a huge inspiration at the start of my own carnivore journey and continues to inspire, support, and encourage others in the community.

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Kelly Hogan is a 10+ year carnivore Youtuber that has lost weight and gained health through her animal-based approach to nutrition. She shares practical tips for raising a family and doing life as a carnivore!

  • Lil Bit of Fit aka Kaite Kelly is a health and wellness lifestyle blogger with a certification in sports nutrition. She uses a carnivore way of eating to support her exceptional performance as a crossfit athlete.

Health Coaching

  • Austin Cavelli, of Quality Carnivore fame, is a physician assistant and keto/carnivore dietary consultant. She coaches clients with specific health concerns through her website -

  • Nutrition with Judy is the people’s nutritionist and author of the Carnivore Cure. She coaches clients to achieve optimal health through a meat-based elimination diet and shares helpful resources through her Instagram page.

Health Professionals

  • Dr. Ken Berry is a Youtuber and the author of Lies My Doctor Told Me. Through weekly lives on Facebook and Youtube, he is helping people become better advocates for their own health.

  • Dr. Robert Cywes, the Carb Addiction Doc is treating patients with obesity and diabetes using a carbohydrate addiction approach. He shares information and resources on his Youtube channel and Instagram page.

  • Dr. Paul Saladino, while now self-identifying as an omnivore and selling over-priced and unverified organ supplements, did write a great book for new carnivores - The Carnivore Code.


  • Dr. Shawn Baker is an over 50-year-old drug and hormone free athlete, author of The Carnivore Diet and founder of Revero Health. Revero Health is a friendly community that helps people start a carnivore diet and get all the support they need to be successful. Priced at $14.99/month at the time of writing.

  • Steak and Butter Gal created the Steak and Butter Gang, a community for new carnivores looking for group support and encouragement as they begin their carnivore diet. Priced at $30/month at the time of writing.

  • Meat Fam is the Facebook community that I created to meet with like-minded carnivores in a dogma-free and encouraging environment featuring monthly goal-setting, weekly calls, and exclusive giveaways. Priced at $0 at the time of this writing.

Carnivore Fitness

  • Bio Chem Carnivore is a dietetics student, bio-energetics nerd, and lifting and conditioning fanatic that has healed autoimmune disease by eating meat. She shares research articles on her Instagram page and summarizes helpful takeaways in her captions.

  • Steaks Weights and Freedom is an NTP in training practicing animal-based nutrition and whole body health through her Instagram Page. She is a confident, strong, capable mama inspiring women to be their best, strongest selves.

  • KetoSavage, Robert Sikes, is a natural pro bodybuilder promoting a keto/carnivore diet to achieve bodybuilding goals. He is the CEO of Keto Brick and Live Savage Apparel and inspires others to optimize their lives through animal-based nutrition.

  • Kevin Stock is a dentist, self-portrait enthusiast, and animal-based lifestyle blogger. He shares his techniques to getting shredded on a carnivore diet.

Aspirational Food Pics

  • Meat Based in Melbourne is a steak-fueled stoic practicing animal-based artistry while living his best offal-enthusiast, aspiring connoisseur life. His creative creations and mouth-watering aesthetic feed inspires many to step out of their meaty comfort zones to try something new.

  • MichaelScher is an ex-chef and current foodie practicing human optimization while sharing stunning pictures of his amazing animal-based feasts.

Animal-Based Beauty

  • PermaEarth is an animal-based beauty, cosmetic, and personal care company feeding your hair and skin from the outside-in with local grass fed farm fresh pasture-raised regenerative organic fair-trade ingredients. Use code MEATFAM for 10% off your order!

  • Buttercream Beauty Co is a tallow-based skincare company supporting health and beauty through animal-based nutrition and skincare. I literally cannot get enough of the Vitamin C Tallow Balm - it smells incredible!

  • Primal Kumaree, Sweta, is a carnivore esthetician and model sharing her mind, body, and soul healing journey while providing her best animal-based beauty and wellness tips. She is a light in my life and breath of fresh air spreading positive vibes wherever she goes.

Carnivore Community Interviews

  • Lillie Kane is a life coach, Youtuber and dietary consultant that shares her nutrient dense way of eating, interviews, and lifestyle health and wellness information on her Youtube channel. She has created an amazing platform that allows people to share their experience with a carnivore diet while spreading her infectious joy to everyone around her.

  • The Carnivore Cast host, Scott Myslinski, shares practical advice about the carnivore diet from top doctors, researchers, and successful carnivores. His podcast has provided valuable resources for many carnivores in the community.

  • Mikhaila Peterson is a TedX speaker and host of the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast and shares the health knowledge she has gained through the Lion Diet.

Carnivore Memes

  • Meat Based News is an animal-based nutrition enthusiast producing incredible animal-based memes. If you need a laugh or a mental break, check out his fun Instagram page.

  • UKCarnivoreTips is a UK-based 1+ year carnivore sharing tips to living an accessible carnivore lifestyle, life changing carnivore shepherd’s pie recipes, and sick memes (in his stories).

Meaty Treats

  • Redmond Real Salt is an American salt mining company that provides amazingly delicious salt. Literally, I didn’t know that salt could hit different - but it does! 15% off using code MEATFAM

  • Marfa Meats, run by Christy, is a meat processing facility working to promote sustainable ranching practices by bringing the processing to the ranchers. She is a woman changing the world by providing amazing meat through better practices for the ranchers and the cows alike.

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