Carnivore Chili

Updated: Oct 27

This recipe is kinda like a choose-your-own adventure...

When creating "strict" carnivore recipes, I always consider: "what is this recipe at its core?" For me, chili is a warm, textural experience. Adding different textures of meat, letting the flavors meld together over long, slow hours... that's the part of this recipe that make me think "chili." The optional ingredients are just that... optional.

Carnivore Chili


3 bacon rashers, cut into bits

1 lb beef, cubed into 1/2 inch pieces (I used chuck steak - this is a good recipe to use up cheap cuts)

1 lb ground beef

2 c water or beef broth


1 T apple cider vinegar

1 T tomato paste

1 T chili powder

1 T garlic powder

1 T onion powder

2 bay leaves


  1. in a pan over medium heat, fry bacon until well crisped

  2. remove the bacon from the pan, reserving the bacon fat in the pan, and set aside the bits for topping your chili later

  3. turn the pan to medium-high heat, and brown the beef, salting to taste

  4. flip the beef as needed until seared on all sides

  5. remove the beef from the pan, reserving any fat in the pan, and set aside to add back later

  6. add ground beef to the pan and cook through, salting to taste

  7. return the seared beef bites to the pan and reduce the heat to low

  8. add any optional seasonings, bay leaves, and ACV as desired

  9. add water/beef broth, bring to a simmer, cover with a lid, and cook until most of the moisture has evaporated (I like to cook my chili low and slow, I typically simmer mine for 4 hours)

  10. serve with bacon and optional toppings: shredded cheese, sour cream, and chives

A note on the optional ingredients - they are optional, so if they are not supportive of your journey, don't use them!

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