Carnivore Battered Fish & Chips (Zero-Carb, Healthy Chip Shop Alternative)


2T sour cream

1T malt vinegar

1 egg

3/4c whey protein isolate

1/4c egg white powder

salt to taste

white fish, like cod

tallow, duck fat, or ghee

halloumi or paneer


For fish:

  1. heat frying oil in a narrow saucepan

  2. mix together sour cream and malt vinegar in a shallow dish

  3. in another shallow dish, beat egg

  4. in another shallow dish, mix whey, egg white powder and salt

  5. dry fish off as much as possible and salt to taste

  6. coat fish in sour cream mixture

  7. coat fish in egg

  8. coat fish in whey/egg white powder mix

  9. fry for 1-2 minutes per side in hot oil

  10. drain fish on paper towels and salt to taste

For chips:

  1. slice halloumi or paneer into 1/4 inch "fries"

  2. heat 1T duck fat in a pan over medium-high heat

  3. sear each side of the cheese fries for 1 minute until golden

  4. alternatively, air-fry halloumi at 400F for 10 minutes, flipping halfway through

  5. salt to taste (paneer is very bland and needs a lot of salt)

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