Brown Butter Fried Goat Cheese

If you only ever make one of my recipes, make it this one...

Sometimes, making carnivore recipes is getting it "close enough" to the SAD original. And sometimes, the carnivore version is even better. This recipe is the latter. The pork rinds add a *crunch* unparalleled by breadcrumbs or panko. Was the brown butter part of this recipe necessary? No. Is it awesome? Yes.

Brown Butter Fried Goat Cheese


4 oz log of goat cheese

½ cup of crushed pork rinds (this can be done with a food processor or a baggie and a rolling pin, a blender is not recommended as it macerates the rinds, leaving you with a gooey, greasy mess)

¼ c butter

Salt to taste


  1. Divide the goat cheese log into 12 equal portions and roll between your hands til smooth balls form (this works best if you kinda smoosh and warm it between your hands, if you try to loosely form it will crumble apart)

  2. Freeze the balls for one hour

  3. At the top of the hour, prepare a breading station by cracking an egg into one bowl and beating it well. In another bowl, add your pork rinds and salt to taste (hard to judge this as it depends on the brand of rinds used.

  4. Remove the cheese balls from the freezer and dunk each ball into the egg mixture using one hand, carefully drain, and drop into the crushed pork rind. Using the other hand, cover the cheese ball in crushed pork rinds, gently pressing to make sure it sticks well. For extra crunchy cheese balls, repeat this process a second time

  5. Return the balls to the freezer for one hour

  6. In a small pan (small enough so that the butter will reach halfway up the sides of the balls…), heat the butter over medium til foaming, from here, you will want to watch the butter as it darkens, careful not to burn

  7. Once the butter is amber in color, add the fried cheese balls, careful not to crowd the pan

  8. Every 30-60 seconds, turn the balls until golden brown on all sides (this is easiest to do with tongs and a gentle touch)

  9. Remove the cheese balls onto a prepared plate lined with a paper towel to drain any excess butter

  10. Salt the balls to taste while still hot and enjoy!

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